Age categories:

• Category A – Year of birth: 2009 and later / 6 – 8 minutes

• Category B – Year of birth: 2007 – 2008 / 8 – 10 minutes

• Category C – Year of birth: 2005 – 2006 / 10 – 12 minutes

• Category D – Year of birth: 2001 – 2004 / 10 – 12 minutes

• Category E – Year of birth: 1994 – 2000 / 12 – 15 minutes

The competition will be held in one round in all categories.


Free program consists of at least two pieces from two different periods played by heart. The competitors have to respect the time limit of the program.

  • The competition will happen via videos published on due to pandemic situation.
  • The video must be a real recording without editing, shot in one static shot, with the camera slightly away from the competitor.
  • The submission must be one single video on YouTube, it is allowed to record the pieces in separate sessions (one piece per one session).
  • The face and the hands of the competitor must be visible during the whole time of the recording.
  • The video recording (not older than 3 months) must be placed on on the channel of the competitor, parent, school etc. The competitor will include in the application the exact internet link to the video recording.
  • The competition is divided into 5 age categories. Competitors of all nationalities are allowed to participate. 
  • The organiser reserves the right not to open a category (or cancel the competition) for organisational reasons or not to accept an application (in this case the relevant participation fee will be refunded) or to shorten the competition deadline for the competition for capacity reasons.
  • The competition deadline: 30. 04. 2021
  • Results together with the YouTube links of the winners’ videos will be published up to  1. 06. 2021
  • Failure to comply with the above conditions, as well as an apparent reading of the notes during playing, may result in the competitor’s elimination from the competition.

• The registration fee is non-refundable.

• A competition application is automatically considered as the acceptance of the competition rules.

The application form is filled online at: sent to e-mail: together with a bank transfer confirmation of the registration fee.

• The deadline for registration and payment of the registration fee is 30th April 2021.

Registration fee is 40 €.

The registration fee must be paid by 30 April 2021 by bank transfer to the organizer’s account:

Beneficiary: Ergon Art

Account number (IBAN): SK24 7500 0000 0040 0391 0227

Bank: ČSOB Bratislava


Variable symbol: date of birth of the contestant (yyyymmdd)

Information for beneficiary: write the name and category of the participant.

Bank charges are borne by the payer.

The registration fee is non-refundable.